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Latest News
The growth of Ochre Digital and Trio sign solutions has created a positive need for restructure to best utilise our resources and continue to provide a quality service to our clients.
Growth Creates Change in Roles
Trio sign solutions has continued its growth in providing signage solutions for major corporate and architectural style projects, with Ochre Digital continuing to concentrate on its extensive range of small and large format printing for commercial signage, point of purchase, interpretive and museum exhibits.
The growth of the two companies has created the need for change in some of our employee’s roles. Andrew Baohm
has a greater involvement in signage projects across both businesses, which has generated the need for a more dedicated sales role for Ochre Digital. Fellow Director, Steve Trapnell, has stepped into this position to further develop Ochre Digital’s small and large format printing market. Steve has hit the road running and is very keen to meet with you to discuss our print related services and how best we can be of assistance to you, now and in the future.
John Furtula remains as the go to person for quotes and estimating but has also stepped into the role of project manager to maintain the smooth running of production at Ochre Digital.
Andrew and Steve both look forward to the opportunity of discussing your next signage and/or print related projects with you. To contact Andrew directly, please call 0418 500 778,
to contact Steve directly, please call 0403 066 372.

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